LDraw to Studio Exporter

This tool is designed to import parts which are available in LDraw, but not in Studio. From the LDraw part number, it zips all relevant sub elements (there can be many!) into a part pack.

How to use this downloader

Disclaimer: Some Bricklink part numbers won't work, please search in LDraw library below!
  1. Visit the LDraw Homepage's part lookup: https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-part-lookup.html
  2. Search for your part of choice & copy the number
  3. Enter this number into the below searchfield
  4. A list of all fitting parts from the catalogue will show up - clicking the entries will create a zip package with just the needed parts
  5. To use the packs, unzip them and place their contents in your "C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\Stud.io\CustomParts" (Windows).
    The parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio.

For the guy trying to do SQL injections: nooooooope, this thing is hardened and I already have your client ip, kindly asking to stop your efforts, because they are useless and create just a smile on my side. ;)

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Legal Information

LDraw™ Parts Library is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution Licence 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

LDraw™ is a completely unofficial, community run free CAD system which represents official parts produced by the LEGO company.

LDraw™ is a trademark owned and licensed by the Estate of James Jessiman

LDraw™ website can be visited at https://www.ldraw.org/

Studio software is copyrighted to LEGO BrickLink, Inc.

LEGO® and Bricklink® are a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, endorse, or authorize this site. Visit the official Lego website at http://www.lego.com

Tool written by Christoph Reum